Karabag Gas Compressor Station
Location : Karabag, Azerbaijan

Client : Toyo Engineering Corporation, Japonya

Project Description : The project provided natural gas from the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic’s (SOCAR) Gas Processing Facilities in Karabag to the 400 MW Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant being constructed at site located approximately 40 km Northeast of the City of Baku. While the Project, upon the completion, served the needs of the Severnaya Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant, it was in the intention of JSC Azerigaz to utilize the Project as a component of its future expansion plan to supply gas to other end-users on the Apsheron Peninsula.

Yeşil Yapı Endüstrisi A.Ş. was the main subcontractor for civil works and mechanical/electrical/instrumentation installation works.

The compressor station received natural gas from SOCAR treatment plant and delivered compressed natural gas into a 90 km long pipeline feeding the Severnaya Power Plant.

Completion Date : October, 2003

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